A brief look into the deskGen.net roadmap

Howdy gang.

It's getting fairly late here but I figured I'd let y'all know some of the things coming to deskGen over the next few months. Perhaps the term 'roadmap' isn't quite right as I don't have a specific order laid out quite yet, but rather a list of priorities I'll get around to? Either way I suppose it's what makes most sense.

- Automotive/vehicle discussion.
This one's been talked about a fair bit in the suggestion forums and I just can't keep the masses back any longer. Please use it more than the book section.

- General stylistic improvements.
There's still a few elements that I feel aren't customized enough for this site. Pagination buttons are the biggest of these eyesores. Nothing revolutionary, just another polish pass.

- Reimplementation of automatic gaming news.
I announced it in literally the last blog post, but I don't think the current method of Xenforo RSS is anything more than annoying in actual usage. I'm going to get some slick lil sidebar widgets up and running most likely.

- Profile page redesign.
User profiles & tooltips are also getting fully redesigned. Aside from just visual improvements, I also want to improve them structurally to support the amount of user profile customization I would like to add. More on that in the next points.

- Forum gold.
For the uninitiated, back in the good ol' days of the internet, forum gold was granted whenever you posted or had some otherwise positive interaction on a forum. You could donate it to other users, hoard it for yourself, or on some sites spend it all on user profile upgrades. Speaking of,

- User profile upgrades.
Nothing too wild. I want to add username & avatar decorations you can purchase with forum gold. You'll see that as of tonight some users like @TAKADA have a verified badge, which truthfully... I added that one as a joke, but it's the same thing under the hood. I have a bit more to scope out on this one before I commit too heavily to it, but while I'd say forum gold is 100% confirmed, this is a little more shaky until I'm 100% on ease of implementation/management.

To make matters even more concerning, the value of forum gold is based entirely on grain harvested in Eastern Mongolia and we don't know how the season is going to shake out just quite yet.

Anyways, see y'all soon.