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Jan 29, 2024
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the worst part about certain social medias is that if you post more than once a day, they will kill your reach. but what if i make several cool art pieces in one day, and want all my lovely followers to see? too bad! you will now be banished to algorithm hell.

so, i am making this thread! i want to post whatever i want, whenever i want, without the worry of what is good or bad for the algorithm. I have wips, gifs, and random assets that have been left to gather dust that deserve to be shared somewhere!

let's get started!
simpledeconstruct ALL.png
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i mostly wanted to get this thread kicked off so i could put up some new posters i am too excited about. i don't want to wait until tomorrow to post the newest one..

Here is the MIAO MIAO MAY 2024 poster collection!
individual posters

honeyposter2024.jpg miaobump.jpg
i can't decide between the versions for the demon poster.. both look so cool to me
demons.jpg demonsalt.jpg

Sorry for my absence! I was recruited to make the merch announcement for Donut Media's summer merch drop. Someone I talk to on-and-off in a automotive art server got hired by them to manage their merch team, and in turn, they reached out to me to make this drop special! I kinda no life'd this project and went absent on my socials, but now I'm back!

With a two week timeline, it was a bit tight. My tasks?
- 1 4k youtube ad, 1 main IG reel, additional social posts to compliment these things
- 6 rotating clothes gifs + several web/email/sms gifs
- all the assets modeled, rigged, and animated. this meant 4 cast members, a detailed recreation of their project truck, and an environment for the video.
- videos edited/sfx'd
... so my work was definitely cut out for me.
scenecomp.pngclothes gif comp.pngtruckcomp.png

If you hadn't heard, some of the cast just announced their departure from Donut though, in the middle of this project. So, I had to make some last minute adjustments and reanimate/render out portions of the video, the NIGHT BEFORE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO AIR. UGH.

Was still super cool to see a video I made in their upload, though.
donut woa.PNG

Unfortunately, the controversy of the hosts leaving has turned the comments into a warzone. ((of course, the hosts who left said they share no bad blood and wish the best for their friends at Donut, but that didn't matter)). Although a few people thought the ad was sick, a large part of their audience don't really get it. Hahaha. I understand, it is a very mainstream audience, so when they see lower fidelity graphics, they just think its a skill issue and not an artistic choice. I have some irl friends like this so I kinda know the mindset.

But, it was a lot of fun all in all to put this together, just bad timing I think! The team I met over there were all talented and passionate, so I hope this all blows over for them. They are trying their best to make cool shit still.

Even went down to their studio when they kicked this project off. Talked cars and graphic design. Was a great time. Shoutout to conceptcarstudio for bringing me on for this. Was a refreshing change of pace!
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actual halo logo3.pngactual halo logo2.png

So, now that I have time to get back to personal work, it's time to kick things into overdrive. Lots of catching up to do. Starting off with making assets for the
upcoming merch drop. Above is the logo for Junko's broken halo. I was trying to get something with similar vibes to the original Bionicle logo. Went through many attempts but I love how it turned out. These will probably get turned into a sticker, and will also be on the packaging (and used in many future projects).

This drop was supposed to happen in June, but the Donut commission took too much time, so it is getting pushed to July. With the extra time, I decided to look into getting some other cool items to launch alongside the shirts. Still looking into it as we speak, but at least the shirts look sick! These are super limited so I wanted to give them a special logo inside the shirt.

I have been plotting for awhile to inject a lot more Bionicle DNA into my work once I got the new character models done, and finally I am putting my experiments to the test. Will be sharing the results in the future, but for now, I gotta keep it under wraps.

Anyways, I decided to launch this merch drop alongside the first episode of the Junko mini-series, as of right now. Hoping to get that released by July 20th. If circumstances change, I will release the merch without the episode airing.

Little Idea Tangent/Future Plans
I was thinking though, what is the next frontier for my physical goods.. Of course, figurines are on the table, and planned for a September release, but I started playing around with the idea of releasing figures that have the parts mix and match-able. Maybe not pose-able, but it would be cool to have a special line of figures that can be customized. Idk. I will pick up a 3D printer sometime this year to start experimenting. Definitely gotta get some bionicle-esque canisters made for whatever it is.

I even have an idea for a Brawlers equivalent of Kraata. hahah. Could make those cool ass pods that they came in, too. I'm more so referencing the physical goods version of Kraata and not their lore equivalence. Anyways, the Halo shards would harness a different type of power, and have a coordinated color and symbol to show this. Junko would plug and play different combos for different powers. This was also a little game idea I wrote down last night. I would love to release a Brawlers demo disc with a bunch of tiny game ideas, packaged with a collectors item or something (like a special figure, or a booklet, or metal charm or something. Presentation would be similar to the Bionicle Power Pack.

Also, release a few focused art books, each one focusing on a specific character. I know this is a lot to take in, but I will get all this done. It will take awhile, but I'll get there.

Anyways, thanks for reading!
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reading how much you consider for your characters & world is always a delight, man. really makes me think back to the times i've tried developing my own fictional world, how fun it is to obsess over all the little details that really make things feel unique. i gotta get back into it sometime. let's go junko july!!!