desktopGeneration is now on Patreon!

Hey all, this announcement will be going up on Twitter tomorrow but figure you all would enjoy getting this one ahead of the algorithm.

We're opening up a Patreon for desktopGeneration as of...
right now.

The benefits for this one are going to keep on rolling in throughout the next week, but as of this very moment the baseline plan contains all of our paid assets from BENNETTPACK Volume 1 & the Paragon plan contains Cyberworks 1/2 + Selected Cyberworks '22. Immediate goals after that will be to get a Patreon exclusive wallpaper pack out featuring exclusive remixes of some of our pieces.

You'll also be able to find some behind the scenes updates, tutorials, and recordings of us working on art.

We intend to use this to support our future gamedev efforts as well, but rather than announcing the benefits you'll all get for a project that's about ~2 months out from announcement, I figure I might as well let you know about it then. :~)

Check it, you won't regret it:

- Andy