Does Airbnb suck? Yes. Yes it does.


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Jul 24, 2023
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Hello commies and commettes, tonight, I am upset. As I sit here typing this up, my blood is boiling at the sight of that damned red Airbnb arrow logo in my tabs, it taunts me, its as if its saying "HAHA LOSER YOU CANT FUCKING HAVE A PLACE TO STAY WITH YOUR PARTNER HAHAHAHAHAH FUCK YOU"; but i digress.Tonight, I am angry at the pure lack of competence from the Airbnb support and user experience team and their inane ability to somehow, someway, make it so that EVERY SINGLE TIME I USE THE SERVICE, i have a problem.

For a little backstory: I have my significant other coming down to FL next month and we need a place to stay. Of course i go to Airbnb because its the only option other than overpaying for a hotel and actually find a nice, quaint, tiny home for 500 USD for the whole week! Fantastic! I reserve it with a 104 USD down payment and wait exactly 3 minutes. I look at my phone to see a message that my reservation was cancelled and that my down payment would be refunded. Odd but nothing to really worry about, right? I could not be more wrong, turns out that Airbnb CLOSED MY ENTIRE ACCOUNT and gave 0 reason as to why.
Currently awaiting an email back from support.
Kill me now.
I really wish that it was easy or reasonable to book a hotel same-day or last minute. I refuse to use AirBnB but good lord there’s times where it’s like the only financially viable option. Hate that you’ve gotta deal with this BS.