"Emotional Abstracts", the artbook. Out now.


Greetings all,
I'm thrilled to announce that my first artbook, "Emotional Abstracts", is finally out!

The physical artbook features over 80 pages of old-school-style 3D abstract artwork, which were all composed by me.
Each has its own meaning.
Each has a story to share.

Divided into specific sections, which include atmospheric graphics, complex ones, old spreadworks and more.

Some of which go all the way back to December 2021.

° ° °

I hope this artbook serves as a genuine love letter to the golden age. And I sincerely hope it's enjoyable.

It's now the time to Kick it like it's 2003!

° ° °


You can order a physical copy of the artbook through here.

If you prefer a digital copy, along with an additional "Deluxe Edition" set *, you can get your copy here.

The "Digital Edition" set includes:
• an exclusive digital mini-artbook with bonus chapters, featuring dozens of art-pieces which are not available everywhere else.
• a pack of desktop wallpapers created to promote the artbook "Emotional Abstracts". Six main wallpapers along with three bonus ones. *
* The wallpaper pack is available in two variants: Fullscreen, for retro desktop users, and Widescreen for modern users.

[ IMPORTANT NOTE: If you bought the physical edition prior to February 2024, get in touch with proof of purchase and we'll provide the wallpaper pack for you for no extra charge. You can either get in touch over social media (@dsktpgeneration) or email us at contact@desktopgeneration.com . ]

° ° °

Huge thanks to my fellow friends over at desktopGeneration™, and thanks to you for your tremendous support and love towards my creations. Here's onto another year!

- Yazan A.
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