Ever felt "musically stuck"?


Mar 31, 2024
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Hey all,

Have you ever felt "musicaly sutck"? Like, you only ever keep listening to the same bands and genres?

I noticed that all the bands I usualy listen are the same bands and music/genres I was listening some 10 years ago and even if something new gets my attention I quickly discard them and go back to what is more familiar

I feel I'm stuck eternaly on the same 40 odd sogns since my teens and I admit I'm getting kinda burned out and yet new things can't realy hold my attention for too long

Is it only me? Am I just getting old?
Oh absolutely, I get this all the time. I've found that limiting / removing my control from whatever I'm listening to helps a ton. Vinyl's great for that since I'll hear a whole album instead of just the hits I put on repeat, but even better than that is to just throw on real FM radio. I'm between enough larger cities that I can get a decent variety of large independent stations and that's been great for breaking out of my comfort zone.

Especially when 107.3 Alternative Cleveland decides they're gonna sandwich folk music between The Presidents of the United States of America and The Butthole Surfers
Oh yesss, for sure.

I feel like for me this thing is caused by the same shit that stops me from enjoying anything - short attention span. I listen to most of my music on Spotify or Bandcamp, and it's a lot easier to play some of the playlists filled with my favorite tracks.

The thing that really helped me personally is to stop listening to music just to fill the silence, and stop relying on playlists filled to the rim by the absolute bangers that you've heard thousands of times. I search for some new stuff in autogenerated mixes, and when some track vibes differently I go for the full album, to experience it as a whole thing, without skipping. Not every album will be great, but it helped me to finally enjoy my music to the fullest, be more mindful about it, find some new favorite artists, and finally stop abusing my poor "Liked Songs" playlist on Spotify.

It's either friends randomly reccomending me stuff or a random mix dropping on my YT feed that gets me exploring more music, it also helps I have a lot of friends who drop bangers!!
One of the worst things to do to yourself is find a new genre or song you enjoy, listen to it at nauseum, and predictably get fed up to the point you can't physically stand it.

Playlisting my music to specific genre's on Spotify, and allowing smart shuffle I found can help curb that habit by a bit- but it depends on how you tailor the algorithm because it tends to be a bit "abrasive" I'll put it in trying to recommend you one song you've already said you don't want on your feed over and over.

Either that or going window shopping at a local CD store (whichever one's are still around at least) or just listening to whatever you find at like an F.Y.E or something (again, if you still have one near you.)