Monster Hunter thread !!


Dec 30, 2023
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Clear Sky
I'm calling all monster hunter fans !! post about your favourite game and which games you still play nowadays!

Recently i've been playing a lot of monster hunter world, i wish i could get into rise more but its just not my game
Also i will absolutely go back and play monster hunter TRI again because people have made it playable online again and it was my very first monster hunter game.. i'll for sure play it for nostalgia reasons and hopefully this time fully beat the game!

I have yet to go through monster hunter generations ultimate on switch despite owning it for a while know.

if any monster hunter gamers would like to hunt together sometime hit me up!
Hey hey! I've somewhat recently gotten into the Monster Hunter series thanks to passing interest building. I started with Freedom Unite on the PSP (and ended up with almost 55 hours in a couple weeks, that game sucked me in), pushed up to World and now I'm up in Frontier through private servers! I'm a big lance main.
I've also been looking to grab Tri! Not only have I seen it dirt cheap at some places (I sorta feel bad I didn't grab it at $3 when I saw it a couple years back, lol) but it looks like my sort of game now. I'd have to pick it up!
Last, and funnily enough, I'm with you on GU! I own it on Switch but have yet to really play it. I made my character, got some progress, but have not built past my first weapon. I've liked what I've gone through though!
i first started when i was in 6th grade and got mhfu for my psp on a sale!
i knew nothing about the game and got my ass beat badly. after a few hours of freedom unite i gave up on it.
a few months later a friend of mine kept telling me about how cool the game actually was and we started playing it together!
i ended up spending like 150 hours on it and stopped playing for some newer games at the time or something like that.

years later i saw the mhw announcement trailer and i knew it was the time to get back into mh.
i played the game from day 1 and became obsessed with it to a point where i couldnt think about anything else.
i ended up spending around 500 hours on it before iceborne came out and was quite hyped for the dlc.

by the time the dlc was out all my friends stopped playing it and the xbox player base was kinda dead.
i thought about finishing the story alone (i only ended up playing like 10 hours by myself) but i really enjoyed hunting with others!
hunting alone was fun as well but the thought of beeing doomed to pretty much only play the game solo made me quit.

fast forward to 2024: i just bought the game ago a few weeks ago. the steam player base is pretty big and active!
i dont really have much time nowadays but i will finish icebrone!
Recently downloaded Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for my 2DSXL, so gonna jump into that! heard it's a good place to start
Funnily enough i downloaded MH4U today myself, excited to get back into it and finally get back into using my DS for something. Also downloaded MH3U while i was at it but skipping generations considering i already own that on switch. I'm going to get sucked back in again.. i can feel it..
downloaded mh4u 3 days ago, its neat but i thought the levels were bigger? is it just the limitation of the 3ds? otherwise its neat