What activities?

Here are my top 3 favorite unemployed activities that you can indulge in living in city.. LESGO!!!

1. Daydrinking
It can be soda or anything else, just be outside & make sure it's still sunny and employed people are still busy. It fills you with a feeling of freedom and dominance.

2. Daytripping
Take your camera with you, and put your phone on silent. Listen to some music if you're in the mood. There is always something going on in the city, so you can stumble upon something fun. And by doing this often enough, you can find your favorite spots and routes that will carry a lot of pleasant memories in the future.

3. Nightshopping
Pick any time between 3 and 5 am and go to any 24/7 convenience store near you. Spend as much time as you can inside. You can go without buying anything. If you are living in the quiet part of the city I bet you will be the only person there, which is cool, the whole place is yours.
living in a city with light rail transit (kuala lumpur), sometimes i would just hop onto trains and hop off at random stations to walk around that area and see what there is at there - even if there is absolutely nothing but residential areas, it still feels fresh to go into a completely unfamiliar areas of the city and just walk around
I chill at the arcade every now and then. I used to go quite often, when I lived around the corner from one.

Other than that, I'll go explore storm drains with friends. Those are places of extreme peace, but also brimming with life, in the sense that the graffiti there shows you that even in this place nobody is meant to exist, culture will flourish.