What upcoming games are you excited for?

Bloodbourne PC :)

for real tho the only game I can say I'm legit looking forward to is Roman Sands, nothing else immedietly comes to mind
  • I've been waiting on Radio the Universe for a long time now -- still holding out hope.
  • Star Fetchers Episode One has been a similarly long wait, but I think it'll be well worth it
  • Hyper Light Breaker is supposedly coming out sometime this year, and I have all the hype in the world for it
  • We Kill Monsters looks nice despite the dearth of information about it
  • Duelists of Eden is coming out very soon, and it will consume my life for about a week
  • Warside is set to come out this year, and I'm a sucker for FE/Advance Wars
  • V.A Proxy. That nuke parry video lives in my head rent free
  • Reflectile. I played the demo and it is so intensely 2000s Nintendo... God I need that
  • Big Walk was announced at the previous Game Awards, and I've been craving a more chilled out game to play with my buddies
Might be a little niche, but I'm really hoping PokeWilds version 0.9 drops this year. It's going to add online multiplayer and I'm super pumped about it!

Also, can't wait for the new FFXIV expansion Dawntrail!
skate story
sword of the sea
abyss x zero
NIGHTMARE KART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!