What was your worst nightmare?

i once had a nightmare where i was trapped in a dark dirty room and forced to fill my mouth with razor blades

i can vividly remember how it felt but i'm not gonna get into that because it's way too much for this site
i dont remember most of my dreams but when i do 90% of them are nightmares. they get a little mundane after a while so i stopped remembering details but some general themes have stuck with me

CW: gonna be mentioning gore and borderline satanic shit so yea

starting with the mildest, its usually me being stuck in a liminal space esque pool room. you know which ones im talking about, theyre giant tiled mazes filled with water. in my case theyre usually full of grime and sometimes smeared with blood, also similar to the showers in the old slenderman game.

in one of the dreams i remember being told of a deceased monarch whose death was censored from the public. i found their corpse in the poolrooms with their mouth agape and 3 newborn heads sticking out of it.

in another dream i was led to one of the poolrooms by grim reaper looking figures in hoods made of thin old human skin. there was multiple of them in the streets all just silently pointing to the direction of the poolrooms

these sort of nightmares are more thrilling than scary to me. the stuff that usually startle me for a good hour is when im being spied on. one of the dreams that shook me the most is just some random person that i couldnt recognize showing me my most private of memories. yea, i got scared by my own brain playing back my memories. its so fucking stupid but for some reason that scares me the most

sorry for the long post, started typing and couldnt stop lmao