Where do y'all get wallpapers?

Loathe though I am to suggest it, Reddit isn't a terrible place for wallpapers. A fair few of the wallpapers I cycle through come from the Blender subreddit, though there are undoubtedly others tailor made for the purpose.

The unixporn subreddit, and especially their #wallpapers channel in Discord, also tends to be rather good. They have cool desktops in general -- practically an artform.
I make my own wallpaper engine wallpapers, although my main monitor is just the PS3 background cuz I love the look of it
I get most of my wallpapers from just scrolling thru archives of DeviantArt, or the older WinCustomize pages. Other than that, I either make my own ones for certain things, or just use high-res versions of default wallpapers.