A Grain Of Salt Or Less: The Switch 2 Rumor Mill


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Jul 24, 2023
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General Switch 2 rumor thread & discussion, now that the juicy guesses are really starting to ramp up.

The latest stuff comes courtesy of a Chinese accessory manufacturer, who wrote up a hilarious Facebook post about the information They Totally Know about the Switch 2.


This isn't the only place to claim the new joycons will be magnetic either, some Spanish sources (via nintendolife) are saying the same thing. Every single leak leading up until the Switch unveiling was entirely bunk though, so it wouldn't shock me if Nintendo themselves were seeding half-truths or bait to do a trust check.

Anyways, what do y'all think/what are you hoping for? My personal dreams for this thing are Xenoblade DE running at 100% resolution and I truthfully don't need much more than that to bring me joy in life.
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I think backwards compatibility for both software and hardware is all but guaranteed. Nintendo has historically been good about supporting it where possible, and if this really is a Switch 2 I see no reason they wouldn't do it. If they're doing a new magnet attachment system then supporting old controllers via Bluetooth is a decent compromise. The 1080p screen thing isn't super believable to me. It would greatly increase power requirements to have games targeting that resolution which is a bad idea for battery life in handheld mode. Also seems unnecessary when the Steam Deck is only 1280x800 and is perfectly fine.

My biggest hope is that they finally fix the joy-con stick drifting issues. Really annoying to play a game like Fire Emblem when the cursor starts randomly moving thru menus.
The 1080p screen thing isn't super believable to me
This is my biggest point of doubt for it all, beyond the premise of "look at all this cool secretive info we can share!" which is lol @ best. It's a carefully put together list of things that sound like reasonable upgrades by someone who isn't familiar with why some things are what they are.
I just wanna say that the "people have been allowed to put their hands into an opaque box so they can feel the Switch 2 without seeing it" thing I read before is the funniest shit ever. Like they're running a game show or something

Really glad to hear that it's seemingly just a Better Switch. They don't need to reinvent the wheel when they're following up the third best selling console of all time. Seeing something like Resident Evil 4 Remake running on a portable will probably cast the same spell on people that seeing Skyrim on the original Switch did
Honestly with how little I've been playing my Switch lately, I've come to believe that I just don't like the Switch. It doesn't offer me what I wanted out of it, which is a good portable experience. I have a Steam Deck now, so if I wanna play AAA games on the go, that's my driver. But when I wanna play portable games? The Switch does not offer that. Yeah I can play games portably, but they're not portable games like you'd find on the PSP, Vita, DS, etc.

It's really the games that get me to buy a new console, and Nintendo's games by in large do not interest me anymore, I didn't even finish TOTK. All the games that drop on the Switch that I wanna play also drop on PC, so it's a non-issue for me.

It'd take a lot for Nintendo to convince me the Switch 2 is a worthwhile purchase.
I hate to say my biggest hopes for Switch 2 are the Switch games with bad performance getting better performance, but, yknow

Definitely really really want them to make the joycons less awful though. I've never had a controller that can drop inputs just from being behind my coffee table before. Especially egregious when a motion-heavy game loses track of them because you dared to put them behind your leg or something
I've never had a controller that can drop inputs just from being behind my coffee table before.
Yeah they’re so incredibly awful. I love them in concept and being able to go from the controller dock to holding them like two wiimotes still floors me, but they’re very clearly held together with duct tape and work about as well as that implies. Pro controller was a hell of a good purchase
if theres one thing im sure of its that theyve had their hands-on experience with terrible controllers (repair costs, replacement joycons shipped,third parties generally being the better option) and im just saying HOPEFULLY they'll make these next ones somewhat Decent . Who knows,maybe they'll jump on that whole hall-effect joystick bandwagon everyones been getting on lately ?
I think they will. Like you said, repair/replacement costs are bad. Joycons are really the outlier for their controllers too, from my experience Nintendo controllers are typically fantastic (and the Pro controller is! it's my preference!)
I really hope the Switch 2 has something better than the shitty Tegra chip they've been using since the Wii. It doesn't even need to be that powerful, just have a higher clock speed and some more on-board memory.
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very fun & exciting news! i hope no other industry news happens today that would put a damper on this haha