BRAWLERS WORLD RPG (proof-of-concept)


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Jan 29, 2024
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brawlers world rpg webpage!
After seeing tee's art thread, I felt inspired to make a nice and fun looking thread myself. I need to up my posting skillz!

and what better topic than an old proof-of-concept project that I am finally releasing to the interwebs!

The BRAWLERS WORLD RPG was a concept I threw together when I had COVID in 2022. In a year that was loaded with work, ironically, the two weeks I had COVID were the first time I felt like I actually had time off. So, I tackled an idea I had been experimenting with on-and-off prior to this: a pre-rendered RPG. But, I only had experience in RPGMaker. No matter, I would find a way to get the look. It is really just a visual test, since that was going to be the most tricky part to get right in this program. And after A LOT of trial and error, I had succeeded. Alas, I had to return to work, but "I would come back!", I said.


And two years passed by with the game-test collecting dust on my desktop. It's not like I hadn't worked on it in the meantime, though. I wrote out a story, drafted characters, built up models-- and then, at the end of 2022, I lost all the files in a hard drive crash. This demo survived, but the rest.. perished. It was a huge blow, and yet, it was exactly what I needed. for the following year, I focused only on my videos, merch, and story. It gave me time to think.. What do I really want to say, with this game? I took a lot of time to think about this, and as my world and characters developed, I realized so much about what I want from this game.

And to do that, I need to move away from RPGMaker. The system I had to hobble together to get this look essentially required rebuilding every time I adjusted the graphics. And now, the models are out of date by two years, and my animation skills increased ten-fold. My style is more cohesive, my vision broader, and even more importantly, with two years more experience, I am more confident than ever to realize a much fuller vision. I think fighting tooth-and-nail with this engine will only do more harm than good. Limitation fosters creativity, sure, but in my case, it also will double my dev time. It is not worth it to me. I would have to compromise on too many sick ideas!
So, I am releasing it instead! I wanted to make sure my confidence was not misplaced before sending this old build out, and with lots of testing and learning for the new one, its finally time! I hope you enjoy this old look at the game. I am sad it never got fleshed out, but I am also happy to see it be free. It was hard to not post it for the past two years, haha.

and for anyone who cares..
link to the original rpgmaker forum post
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Played around here, I love the vibe here. I can just chill here, hopeful to see what comes next in the Brawlers Software adventure!