Christmas gaming memories

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Aug 9, 2023
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I associate Christmas pretty heavily with getting and playing games and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I remember asking for a Gamecube for Pokémon Colosseum exactly, I really hadn't looked into any other games for it. Opening my presents that year and getting Melee was how I first found out about Smash Bros. even existing. My mind was blown and I instantly fell in love with it. Great memory.

I kind of had the opposite experience with the DS - I was super excited to get Mario 64 on it. Never thought about how the DS doesn't have a control stick, spent all Christmas with the realisation that I really don't like that version of the game slowly setting in. At least I also had Sonic Rush, Mario Kart and the surprisingly good Star Wars Episode III game as well lol

What are some of your Christmas memories related to games - good or bad?
I distinctly remember getting my launch-year PSvita for christmas, coming bundled with a phycial tennis games and a digital download code for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. I was SUPER pumped to play CoD on my little vita but unfortunately for me, we were staying at the reletives this year, meaning I couldn't get access to internet for an entire WEEK.

I played the HECK outta the bundled Welcome Park, getting nearly all the trophies, and of course putting hours into the tennis game... which I promptly never touched again once I got some games I was actually interested in.

I also got my first DS, and later the DSi XL on seperate christmas days. Seems I associate Christmas with portable gaming the most haha, and this year won't be much different as I'll be able to bring my steam deck (a gift to myself) up to the parents to keep myself occupied during those dull moments.
i played a lot of ps vita and psp last winter and a few years ago:mrgreen:my favorite psp game was work time fun !!!
a couple years ago during christmas time i played skyrim for 3 weeks straight... such good memories
Not christmas but I remember during Ramadan i use to play a long narrative heavy game because we had half days for a month and we were all fasting, it was cozy, I played through the entire mass effect trilogy and MGS series around 2014 and 2015's ramadans respectively.
when I was maybe 7 or 8 ish I got my first (non-secondhand) console. santa left me a huge box full of packing peanuts & there was an original model GBA on top. dug a little deeper and found a light attachment for it. I was about to put the box aside when mom asked if that was all that was in it, and I was thinking like "yeah, probably. I mean, I don't want to get greedy, there was a whole game console in here". but after she convinced me to dig around a little more I found Spyro: Season of Ice. We then repeated that dance one more time, me refusing to believe there could be more in it until I pulled out fucking Wario Land 4. Great memory.

On the other side, my dad and I used to play Spyro on PS1 together when I was young, so I bought him the remake trilogy for Christmas the year that came out. As soon as everyone was finished opening presents he took it downstairs and played it all day, pretty much totally ignoring everyone coming to visit lol
It was 2010 and my father was in a coma. I was staying with my aunt ~2 hours away for the majority of fall/winter that year, and as a kid who only ever had access to a cruddy lil PC (we were dirt poor) I became enamored with the Wii she and my cousins had. We'd wake up in the morning, eat some cheerios, then all sit 'round the TV passing the controller around playing Super Paper Mario.

Anyways, for Christmas that year as we finally were heading back home my aunt gave us a Wii, Super Paper Mario, and even went as far as transferring our save over to it for us. There's people who are lil spots of light during really dark times in your life and she absolutely was/is to me. Forever thankful for her.
I remember the Christmas that Halo 3 came out, my brother and I were doing our presents, and to our surprise we unwrapped a copy of Halo 3. Being big Halo fans, of course we were happy, but we only had the Xbox, not the 360. We tried to explain to our dad that it won't work on the older console, but he only said "Well just try it out and see."

So we go to our parents' room (where the Xbox was). We sit on the bed, and our dad puts in the disc. Again we try to tell him it won't work...but then the Xbox 360 splashscreen pops up and everything lol. The lights were off, so we didn't realize it, but right where the Xbox was, was now an Xbox 360. We felt so fooled. My dad was never really the type to pull funny stuff like that, so that memory still sticks with me.