patch notes [The Emoji Files]

Howdy gang!

Making some basic improvements around the forum tonight.

So far:
  • System emoji are now the default going forward.
  • Custom forum emoticons (there's a difference! Emoji are based on unicode standards, these are not.) are beginning to roll out. System emoji will no longer display in the emoticon (currently referred to in the system as 'smilies') picker.
  • Related to that prior note, we're kicking things off with a classic from another time- :smug: . Thanks to @Term for digging this one outta the archives.
  • I'm gutting the default Xenforo smilies, likely even as you read this. They just don't fit the vibe. I'll slowly bring out some more traditional ones to replace them as time goes on.
  • Giphy support has been added - at least temporarily. Not sure it fits the vibe either but figure some of you might get some use out of it and that it was worth a go.
  • Sticky threads are now separated from non-sticky threads.
  • Minor improvements made to readability on account-level menu items (user menu, notifications, direct messages, search). These are first steps and not a final step that I'm satisfied with.
  • Push notifications should now be functional. You can enable or disable them in account -> preferences.
I'll possibly update this list some more if I end up doing anything else tonight, but these are the main changes. If you've got any recommendations, feel free to get in touch!
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