I Feel Like I'm In Under The Silver Lake (Weird stuff/glitch in the matrix thread???)


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Jul 24, 2023
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Ok gang.

A little over a year ago, I was getting some 35mm film developed over at CVS (I do not have many other options here). They ship all their film out of the store now and you've gotta wait a while for it to come back in. Standard stuff anymore, and the shop where they actually develop things is a few states away.

When I got my film back, there were two other pictures (that weren't mine!) included in the batch. Both of them were of a blonde woman pulling a bottle of wine out of the fridge. Whatever, people make mistakes (though that sucks for whoever didn't get their pictures). We've got whoever-knows-how-many states in the mix here and there's no way I could get those pictures back to their owner, so I just threw 'em out.

As I was scrolling through Facebook tonight they threw some 35mm photography group that I'm not in into my feed. I take a look through the photos and.... yeah, holy shit. It's the same lady pulling wine out of the same fridge. Weird.

A lot I'm sure I can chalk up to coincidence here (I'm sure CVS has one photo lab for the entire midwest and the majority of Very Cool Photographers either develop their own or mail to a more established lab anymore) but the weirdness is overwhelming me on this one.

Anyways... weird stuff thread? I guess that could be a thing? I'll take it all, gimme your conspiracies, your paranormal, your weird stuff.
I get maaaaad deja vu sometimes where I'll see something, and then swear I had an elaborate dream of that exact thing just a night or two before, and then I start to doubt myself like "Is my brain making me think I dreamed that, or did I actually dream that? Or did the thing that just happened not actually happen??".

Brain be weird, not sure if it fits but I feel like that's gotta be somewhat related lol
not gonna lie ive gotten this exact same feeling but instead of the night before it feels like i dreamt those same faces in that same place (which i had never visited before) in the same exact sequence of events around a few years before
this isn't like scary/creepy or anything, but might be sad? i hope its not as it doesn't really upset me.

in dec 2018 my great-grandmother died, she was *really* close to our family specifically, so at the time it was a pretty hard thing to go through. after a lot of the grieving had passed a while later, I remember hanging out in my house by myself, walking around a corner, and just bumping into her, and I didn't realise at first what had happened, I just apologized, and looked up and saw no one. This event REALLY stuck me, as she would look after us when we were younger, home and when mum was out. I told my mum this a few years later and she recalls similar stuff happening to her.

after that event, I remember a few times, just sitting in my room, on my computer/phone/whatever, and just sort of feeling her standing over my shoulder, or just sitting in there with me. I'd always look around and just think about what happened for a bit.

this stuff NEVER creeped me out either, it was always a really comforting feeling? like just having a loved one hanging in the room with you.

idk just weird stuff lol, I don't think its ghosts or anything but just, someone looking after me? idk