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Jul 24, 2023
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General discussion thread for modern macOS. At time of posting, the latest version is macOS Sonoma, with macOS Sequoia in testing.

I promise I'll fill this thread out with more details later lol
is there any noticeable difference in using MacOS from using Windows? Or is it literally the same "i am using a computer" experience with a different UI?
It's pretty significantly different in all regards. At its core, macOS is application based (though more & more Windows apps mimic this by minimizing to systray when you close them now) while Windows is, well, window based. What this means in actual application is that I can regularly leave a stub of a program running in the BG with no active windows, a brief tap of its icon on the dock and I can just get right back into it via the menu bar at the top of the screen. It's difficult to explain with words just how much time this saves me, or how I prefer it to minimizing an app on Windows, or just how much faster it is to get work done here... but I definitely feel it and appreciate it.

Additionally, there's a huge focus on using cmd-space to open spotlight search and running apps from there. Spotlight's lightning quick and gets me everything I want immediately, I don't miss having a start menu whatsoever. (Despite how, imo, it's gotten worse in Sonoma. tl;dr I need to use my mouse to interact with certain UI elements, which I think throws the whole thing off compared to how I was using it.)

All in all I'd call it the commercial power user's choice, just going by my own preference here. Way more native apps than Windows, too.
i had a macbook in like 2010, and the two things i really liked were
a) at the time no one else could do a trackpad that didn't suck shit (and also the gestures were actually useful)
b) hitting space in the file browser to instantly get that little preview window up was very slick. i assume that's still a thing.

i know the gnome overview thing is fairly close to spotlight, and it's definitely a really nice way to open applications.
and also the gestures were actually useful
Moderately frustrated that these have been mostly moved out over time. Around 2012 my older brother showed me his MBP and I was in awe over stuff like using the trackpad for seeking in music & video. Those lil fine detail controls are pretty much gone as far as I can tell (though the remaining & replacement ones are still really good! That in particular just disappointed me. I think it’s an application level thing).

File previews are still there & still fantastic though