seen a good movie recently?


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Apr 12, 2024
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saw furiosa earlier this week, it was nice...
i think i still prefer fury road in comparison; its got better action, less noticeable cgi (if any), and a tighter story
was nice to see hemsworth in a non mcu role again; he should do more films like rush, extraction, and blackhat wheres hes not goofy thor

just saw vanilla sky last night, now that was a really great film!
was pleasantly surprised in where the plot went with its reveal
first time in a while where ive been really immersed and cant really foresee a films plot or character development
those 2 hours went by in a flash...

please go ahead and use this thread to post films that you have seen recently and would like to discuss...
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Recently watched Chinatown since the local theatre had it. A great film that makes you go hmmm when you think about the ending in connection to the man that directed it.
Got a protable projector to watch movies in the living room recently, quality is ass, but it gives a certain aesthetic to it that makes watching old stuff a vibe.

Anyway, to test it out, I got reccomended "It's Such a Beautiful Day", which is a very good but also very very sad film.
Godzilla Minus One was fantastic, as someone who's not usually a kaiju movie fan. I think the perspective it took was a much more deliberate critique of the Japanese government than the "Godzilla is a superhero" it has become over the last few decades. I saw a panel interviewing two Japanese-American professors, one of physics/radiation and the other on humanities, and their ideas really clicked. There's a general notion that "Godzilla is the atomic bomb" that has been taken on by western audiences, because of course the US wants to make content about them and what they did. Though these two were saying that largely in Japan, Godzilla is interpreted to be their ancestors coming back in a rage for what Japan did during WW2, now stained by radiation. It really helped change the tone of the movie for me.

Also saw Challengers last week and LOVED it - the writing is incredible, some of the editing/shots are fantastic, and the entire thing is soundtracked by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross/NIN. I think it widely got the "Zendaya in a Thruple" review from the one scene that went viral, though it's definitely not as banal as a movie as people play that off as.
I recently saw Aguirre, The Wrath of God and the opening was so captivating I had no choice but to see the whole thing.
just seen train to busan
this film was as great as people boast it to be, pretty emotional too
was quite surprised at how ferocious they made the zombies
its got me craving more of ma dong-seoks films, hes my favorite korean actor; any film featuring him is always a good time
ill probably continue with his roundup series... haven't seen the roundup no way out 2023 and the roundup punishment 2024 yet
i watched napoleon dynamite in full for the first time last week (?). it feels weird to say that i don't think a movie like this could be made today. so little actually happened, yet so much went on. i've never been so entertained watching a guy have a day at school.
I rewatched Austin Powers the other night and that movie is still a laugh-a-minute. The whole trilogy is up on YouTube as "free with ads", which if you have an adblocker installed still just means free lol. Think I might finally see the other two.
oh dip, really? I should check it out then lol