Show me your desktops!

I feel you, mine defaults to 100 but I can overclock to 120 & have had no problems with it

Even still it was a painfully expensive monitor lol. hopefully won't have to replace it for a long long time

Here's my second monitor's desktop, my main's is uh...... messy, files everywhere...............
i can never decide on one so i figured i wouldn't bother . also having a vertical monitor isn't exactly ideal in my opinion but i don't think i have much of a choice as my desk isn't big enough. i can't be bothered to figure out a fix for that
Lemme tell you, the amount of joy I felt when I found an app that changed the windows 11 taskbar back to the windows 10 was immense


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I like to imagine the software I use is like a spaceship that I am upgrading and adding attachments to.


Didn't feel like censoring all my widgets n stuff normally so here's a look into a day in the life for me. Wallpaper is from desktop::generations, I want to say volume 1 but I'm not 100% sure on that.