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Jul 24, 2023
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first i'd like to welcome you all to, the only official forum that's brought to you by desktopGeneration™

i'll start introducing myself first:

name: Yazan A.
alias: "attrakt"
age: 20
nationality: syrian/arabic
residence: Germany

- light illustration
- learn quickly by heart
- street photography

main operating system: Windows 11 Home
design tools: Cinema 4D R25, Photoshop CC 2019

bluesky - deviantART - discord: @/attrakt - instagram - twitter

nice to meet you guys! :)

info: in case you don't want to reveal any info about yourself, feel free to keep your information secret!
hey what's up i'm term from DC

i like gameing and drums and sometimes i paint

i really like crabs and my picture is a crab but dont get me confused with that other crab guy. i will not be able to answer your anime questions and they are not loaded with two decades of guitar hero trivia
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yo im chemdawg from the sf bay area

im a producer that mostly makes jungle & house, but ive started learning graphic design in the past year or so
big fan of every member of dG!!! art like theirs is a huge inspiration for me

i like fighting games and mechs and anime and generally chillin hard

i am databug
i like to create things. photography, illustration, and design are my strong suits.
i love listening to all sorts of music.
talking to people online abt similar interests is also another thing i enjoy.
nice to meet u guys! feel free 2 message me sometime.

my only socials are twitter and deskgen.

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hey i'm "that other crab guy"

not really a creative person personally, but i'm happy to just chill out and talk about whatever. the internet certainly needs better places for people to do that again. i have a twitter but i keep it locked because i got tired of my mentions just being either bots or people searching for terms and yelling at every tweet that came up lmao

i don't have two decades of guitar hero trivia but i did play guitar hero 3 on the wii exactly
canadian emo metalcore footsoldier reporting for duty

pro wrestling, tabletop, video games and especially music are my main interests. for reference, my “2023 releases” spotify playlist is at 83 albums and counting.
mewithoutYou and every time I die are the greatest bands of all time

not particularly creative either. i hang out and talk about things

i have a twitter but it’s almost entirely me just retweeting bands i like, the ideal way to use social media
hi im showtime
i do design and production and whatnot
i like many sorts of music and art as well
for music i use bitwig studio and for art i use blender and gimp
my discord is @/sh0wtimedtm if u wanna talk w me :)
Hey there, I'm Swus.
I'm an omnipresent lurker in recovery.
I have an interest in computer programming and combat sports (armed and unarmed).
Additionally, I am a perpetually fledgling pixel artist, writer, and composer.
yo everybody!

my name is soran and i love racing. im currently a student studying computer science, and i have a huge love for a lot older games/movies. i'd like to get into finding my own creative outlets, namely creating videos/short films with motorsports as the backdrop.

its been a long time since i got to participate on a forum similar to this so im looking forward to havin some nice discussions with you guys!
°salutations. Name's 1999, and I'm currently amateur 3D Artist and Graphic Designer. I'm currently in college studying cybersecurity, and whenever I'm not working on art/studying- I'm probably fiddling around on video games. I hope I can make some meaningful connections here on DeskGen!
hi hi hi! i'm zoey aka voxkai, i do the musics and the arts from time to time :)
saw an endless amount of links for this site on the birdapp SOMEHOW w/o realising this was a forum!!!! so here i am finally hi
its literally been years since i've been active on a forum so this is really cool to seeeee
What's up deskGen!
I'm Mia (or Patch), a 23-year-old online creative from the Netherlands, using she/they pronouns. I have a great passion for music, abstract visuals, motion design, and the web! Currently, I'm trying to make a living as a freelance web developer.

Around 2012 I was super into K-391 and some other NCS artists, and wondered how to make music like that. This sent me down a little rabbit hole leaving me with a legal copy of FL Studio on my dad's old computer, and a curiosity that has yet to be satiated. Ever since that time I've been completely enthralled with the magic of music, and I love sharing that passion with others.

You can find me on most other platforms under the handle patchstep, or some variation upon it.

I'm Baz, or Mukky on the web, I do neo-Y2K art under Mukky's World and with my pals over at Kaybug Kollective!!

You'll find me as "Mukky's World" on most platforms out there!

Hobbies include FPS games, Tabletop RPGs, and makin silly little arts.

Trying to be a positive force, always happy to help people, so don't be afraid to reach out!
Name: Franko Štimac
Alias: Nthercyte
Where do I come from?: Croatia

Nthercyte is an alias/project by Franko Štimac which it's focusing on Neo-Y2K abstract arts inspired by Virtual Self.
Based in Croatia.

Graphic Design / Visual art, DJ-ing

For list of social links, go to a web page for Nthercyte:

Nice to meet you all :)
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Hi! I'm Andie (or miniglitch). I'm primarily a game developer, but dabble in abstract 3D, graphic design, and music. Working on developing my skills so I can inject games with the audiovisual experiences I've been craving.

Excited to be here!
hello. my name is mirna i make things that look like stuff. one day i will make a cool looking video game ui, when stars align. ask me about my game design opinions. (dont actually theyre absurd)