How’s today going?

business as usual. work and all that fun stuff.

new Hail the Sun drops tonight though so I’m looking forward to that. consistent band overall but their last album was honestly their best imo, so I’m expecting good things.

been listening to the new 夢遊病者 EP and it’s pretty neat. like if oranssi pazuzu, imperial triumphant and king crimson got together for one night then decided to never call each other again. we hate regular song structure here.

oh and I think Stray Gods just came out? marketed as a “roleplaying musical” so it’s something I’m gonna look into. might be cool
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literally just woke up like ~30 minutes ago, but me and some friends plan to go to a brewery tonight so I'm going to bring my new camera and shoot some Gold 200 down there, should be cool.
If they only serve IPAs you have my permission to torch the place. Otherwise, please enjoy a Hefeweizen in my place.
My day has been...satisfactory ig. Currently stressing about having to make a portfolio for college soon (along with applying for various colleges in general), but I don't really have any idea on how to make one...
If they only serve IPAs you have my permission to torch the place. Otherwise, please enjoy a Hefeweizen in my place.
theyre a local place and they have a bunch of their own drinks, last time I went they had this really interesting one and I can't for the life of me describe how it tastes.

don't remember the name sadly, was "iron" something iirc
I don’t want to say I’m a beer snob but… it’s possible. lol

Anyways today’s been solid so far. I’m sending this message from a Japanese restaurant after my mom surprised me by taking me out to lunch. Gonna have to do the same to her sometime.
I would not judge someone for drinking that tier of beer (see also bud light, natty light, pbr) if they're concerned about finances

otherwise -- c'mon son. I think I'd rather just take water
i’ve enjoyed basically every beer i’ve drank because it isn’t that serious. except coors light. keep that shit away from me
What the people do not appreciate enough in the beer world is sours

I'm lining up early tomorrow morning for one of these. Like any manly heterosexual man would do
Set up a new desk today so I'm pretty proud haha
(Phone camera makes it kind of hard to see though, I don't have the best lighting =w=;)

Cuh-razy busy day today. Cannot complain tho. Ended up getting to take a buncha pictures while out with Katryna tonight, and we had a cute lil picnic in the cemetery which was great. Now... I rest. I think. My whole body's tired but I still feel like I have a few things I want to do.
dropped off the test roll of Gold 200 at the lab around 11am today, waiting on that to get back.
I talked to the guy who's usually at the lab, I mentioned that I was considering a Mamiya Press 23 as you can sometimes get them cheap? but was avoiding it as I don't want to do rangefinder alignment again lmao.

But the guy who's usually on shift is an insanely talented photographer, he does Large Format landscape photos and uses alternative developing/printing techniques (Cyanotype Printing, Bromoil Printing, Caffeine Developing, etc) and the final outcome looks so incredibly interesting.
Feeling de-motivated in generaly lately, I feel like I have equal parts all the time in the world and none of it at the same time.

Gonna force myself to finish a commission tomorrow so I can say I've got nothing on my plate, then take some time to myself